Jennifer Joecken

Medina, OH
Snow-B is an absolute wonderful trail horse. She is loving and patient with the most novice riders. We love her and are greatful for Julie Copper rescuing our girl. The world needs more angels like Julie Copper. read more


Krissy Black

Mt. Vernon, OH
Telling you about Dodge pulls my heart strings. I was new to horses when I brought him home, and honestly if it wasn't for Julie and Dodge, I may have given up. He was my first CHC horse (before Julie even was CHC) and he is the reason I... read more


Krissy Black

Mt. Vernon , OH
Let me tell you about Blaze.... He is #2/5 CHC horses for me at current tally. We lost our first CHC horse, Dodge, to EPM. I was heartbroken. When I was ready, I went to see Julie about a totally different horse. It did not end up being a... read more


Rebekah Hahn

Uhrichsville, OH
Red is our fourth CHC horse. She was hand picked by my 7 year old daughter who is now 9. These two are quite the team. They are inseparable and love each other a lot. These two have experienced so much together and have so much more to... read more


Rebekah Hahn

Uhrichsville, OH
Ginger is our third CHC horse. She is our beginner safe go to horse. Anyone and everyone had rode Ginger. She is a great all around doll baby! read more


Andrea Bashor

Louise and her boy! Formerly known as "grulla mare".  read more


Rebekah Hahn

Uhrichsville, OH
This is our second CHC horse Whiskey. He is the son of Betty our First CHC horse. Whiskey was so easy to bond with and break to ride. He turned 3 August 9, 2016 and will go anywhere yoi point him on the trails! read more


Rebekah Hahn

Uhrichsville, OH
Betty is our first CHC horse. She was picked out by my 10 year old son 4 years ago. Betty was pregnant when we got her. She gave us a beautiful palomino colt. My son broke him and took ownership of baby Whiskey and my husband adopted Betty.... read more


Amanda Garner

Dillsboro, IN
Amanda's 4H horse was getting older (retired police horse) and she was in search for a new one. After a year long search she found Gandalf at CHC thanks to Julie. We picked him up on September 11th (very fitting day). After a month of being... read more


Holly Lawrence

Grand Ledge, MI
I started following Copper Horse Crusade's facebook page shortly after I lost my Paint mare. So many great horses were pictured every week. Bowie was pulled by CHC on 1/19/16. He was slightly off in his right front, but Julie recognized a... read more