Bethany Watson

Gallipolis, OH
I found Julie Coppers's rescue through a friend, I had no hope I would find the horse "for me" but it was love when I met her! read more


Krissy Black

Mount Vernon, OH
I had been stalking CHC's FaceBook page for awhile, thinking we would be needing another trail horse sometime soon. If I got another horse from Julie, that would make CHC horse #4! And why wouldn't I? Every experience we had with CHC had... read more


Krissy Black

Mount Vernon, OH
So, my dream was to have a big beautiful paint horse for as long as I can remember. I have a preference for mares, because they wear tbeir hearts right out there in the open. This is what I told Julie, when looking for our 5th horse from... read more

Lola aka Khaleesi

Jeff Grell

Warren, OH
My story in finding Khalessi aka Lola took me about 4 years. My fiancée and I currently had one horse Arabella a solid paint for about 4 years before I decided it was time for me to find a horse of my own. I didn’t grow up with horses... read more


Jennifer Kubiak

Perry, OH
Last Summer, we met someone casually who posted an ad for horseback riding lessons. My daughter adored her, the horses, and the whole farm. I've always liked horses, but never really had the opportunity to be around them, so I never... read more

She's So True

Jennifer Rosengrant for Laurie Shaw, True's owner

Lancaster, OH
In 2004, Copper Horse Crusade was just Julie Copper, a young 20 something mom to a toddler, working solely on her own to save as many horses as she alone could, and out of her own pocket. Julie was making a difference in lives back when... read more


Angie Hopkin

Dublin, OH
I first came to CHC looking for a new horse and buddy for my other horse. Julie came recommended to me through a friend. I saw Riley aka remee online and knew from the first time i saw him he was meant to be mine. I sent her a message and... read more


Amy Sue Williams

Letart, WV
These two things are more related than you'd think. Getting Cedric, learning to handle Cedric, getting lessons so he can ride Cedric, learning to LOVE horses and all that goes with it from those lessons, taking it a step further and asking... read more


Veronica Boysel

Hilliard, OH
Dynamite made this girls dream come true by having a horse to ride, in turn she gave him an awesome education , and cleaned up at the Franklin County fair! He was very green one year ago when we got him, he had very little steering , it was... read more

Lady (Kona)

Karin Murdock

Roanoke, VA
We are very new to horse adventures and we adopted our first horse just a few months ago. Originally, this was my idea, but now hubby enjoys being around horses as much as I do. So, it was time to look for a second horse for going trail... read more