“Coming Soon” horses - Horses in evaluation can be spoken for with a non-refundable deposit of $100 which can be applied to another CHC horse should the chosen horse prove to be unsuitable. The deposit indicates an intent to purchase. The horse will complete the 30 day evaluation and then arrangements must be made to pick up that horse.

“Available” horses - A $100 non-refundable deposit made on a horse that is 'available' means that CHC will hold that horse for one week. Payment in full is required following that week except by special arrangement. CHC provides a week of free board and care to allow for transportation and other arrangements to be made. We understand that things come up that may make it necessary for the horse to remain at CHC a little longer - weather, illness, work schedules, etc. Following the courtesy period board is $75 per week.

CHC appreciates everyone's understanding of this policy which exists to ensure that placed horses go to their new homes in a timely manner. Having 'spoken for' horses picked up means that stalls and spots on the feed bill are available to horses that need to come in from the kill sale.

Complete deposit, adoption fee payment and boarding policy effective 1/1/15