Copper Horse Crusade, LLC

A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

Sustainability in Saving Slaughter Bound Horses

Julie suffered a terrible accident at Sugar Creek recently when a horse she was evaluating reared and fell back on her, breaking her leg in three places. She has had surgery on the leg which required steel rod and pins.

Click here for updates on Julie and to find out how you can contribute to her recovery fund.



Welcome to Copper Horse Crusade! Here we apply the concepts of resource management and sustainability to saving viable slaughter bound horses. “Because Too Many Good Horses End Up in the Kill Pen.” With over fifteen years of experience pulling horses and placing them in good homes from Florida to California, Copper Horse Crusade has found a method of “rescuing” horses that is a departure from the norm.


CHC was honored to be recently chosen for a HORSE NATION STADING OVATION - Click here to read the story.

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                  Copper Horse Crusade Board of Directors

                                         Beth Glass, CPA

                                    Dr. Rachel Elliott, DVM

                         William Burke, Owner, Burke's Contracting