Anyone wishing to purchase a horse from CHC must be able to demonstrate the ability and willingness to properly care for that horse. This includes providing adequate shelter, feed, vet and farrier care. References may be requested and details about the horse's living conditions, other horses in the herd, feeding and riding practices, horse experience and other details may be required. Those intending to contribute to the equine overpopulation problem by breeding will not be considered. Copper Horse Crusade reserves the right to refuse the placement of a horse to anyone. Ultimately we strive to find the best home and most appropriate match between horse and rider as this provides the most security for the horse.

Adoption from Copper Horse Crusade REQUIRES a placement contract. Placement of mares requires a strict NON-BREEDING clause. Should you choose to give a home to a horse from CHC and can no longer care for that horse the contract stipulates that the horse be returned to CHC. We do offer refunds on returned horses, however the refund is based on current auction house prices NOT on the placement fee which included 30 days professional arena and trail training, vet and farrier care, feed and medications and other non-recoverable costs. Please read the deposit, placement fee and boarding policy and contact us with any questions.