“Because too many good horses end up in the kill pen™,” Copper Horse Crusade has moved strongly to prevent the slaughter of hundreds of horses with few [if any] injuries, infirmities, training or behavioral issues and place them in long term homes. Copper Horse Crusade recognizes that responsible owners willing to purchase rehabilitated or retrained slaughter bound horses are perhaps the most valuable resource of all. By providing a Copper horse with a home, new owners are, in a very real sense, facilitating the rescue of other slaughter bound horses. This is the Crusade – the advancement of a sustainable horse rescue based on the conscientious decision of responsible horse enthusiasts to act in favor of the cause. Please consider joining the Crusade for Horses!

To inquire about available horses, please call or text for best response (740) 601-2752


Thoroughbred mare, 16 hh, 18 years old. Paradox is a well mannered thoroughbred mare. She is blind in her left eye. That doesn't stop her from being...


GOING HOME! Standardbred gelding, 15.1, 16 years old. Sound, sane, sensible stb gelding. No stall vices, good with other horses, quiet to saddle and...


This gaited guy is a chunk, sturdy and broke to ride and drive. Good minded, no stall vices. 15.2 hh and 15 years old.


Sound and sensible Standardbred gelding. 14 years old, 16.2 hh.


This team of draft mules came from a local farm and never went through a sale. Both were dropped off at the feedlot and tagged to go to slaughter....


Classy black Thoroughbred mare with star, 13 years old, 16.1 hh. Registration Nanseeyouinheaven. Sound and sensible. More info and photos to come.


Nice sorrel QH mare with blaze, 8 years old, 15.1 hh. Good minded, sound, needs some riding, but lots of potential here!


Sweet, quiet crossbred mare 15.2 hh, 20 years old. Came up to Julie in the pen and put her head against her. Not fancy, but good minded and sound,...


Just a baby, friendly and sweet. Has been handled and taught to pick up her feet, load and lead with no fuss. But somewhere along the way,...


Bay TB mare, 16.1 hh, 7 years old. Super classy bay with a little chrome (her nickname is Porsche) and she is lovely under saddle. Good minded,...


Sweet QH appendix mare with a great disposition! 15.2 hh. We took some time with her during evaluation to get good farrier care and nutrition and...