We took road trips all over the state to look at horses for my daughter, only to arrive and find a lame horse, an untrained horse, lie after lie. We took a trip to CHC, tried a couple horses and fell in love with Treason. Listening to the “neigh”-sayers... we became skeptical of purchasing a rescue horse. Back to looking.... back to disappointments... I contacted Julie again.. made another trip back to CHC... and brought home the gorgeous, well broke, highly trained mare we should have adopted 2 months prior and saved a lot of hassle! Unicorn??... beyond. Nothing she cannot or will not do. No situation, arena or trail, that she doesn’t handle with grace and confidence. From 4h arenas to group rides, out alone, this gal does it all. Greets new horses like old friends. Not a vice i can find. Truly a gem. Someone’s great loss to throw her away at auction. Our gain in the end!! 17 and going strong..!! Julie has an eye for those in the pen that can become something , and changes not only their lives.. but the lives of those who adopt them!!