It’s been almost a year since our lives as horse owners drastically improved. One year ago this silly, gorgeous mare was somewhere unknown waiting for her fate to be determined at auction. She was sold to a kill buyer, but luckily for her (and us), her story didn’t end with a trip to Canada or Mexico. Instead, she was saved by Julie Coppe and Copper Horse Crusade. We are thankful everyday for Julie and her work. One year ago today, we didn’t know Julie or Sky and now we can’t imagine our lives without either one of them. We have since made multiple trips to visit and volunteer at Copper Horse Crusade and we are the ones who have benefited. The amount of education and horse knowledge we have acquired over the past year is largely due to simply observing the dedication Julie and her great team have while working endlessly with the countless horses she saves. Thank you Julie for everything you do and the inspiration you have unknowingly given to me, Mike, and Sky (along with Joe and Bullseye, our two horses we had before learning about CHC)! We are forever grateful!