In 2004, Copper Horse Crusade was just Julie Copper, a young 20 something mom to a toddler, working solely on her own to save as many horses as she alone could, and out of her own pocket. Julie was making a difference in lives back when Copper Horse Crusade was just a dream. To say saving horses is Julie's passion, is "truly" an understatement. "She's So True" is a 2004 Julie Copper original. Pulled from the kill pens of Sugarcreek after the Amish had cast her aside, "True" has been with us for 13 years, and has been nothing but true to her name. She is the matriarch of the Dreamline Farm Kick-Ass Barn. She has taught countless younger horses to be as brave and fearless as she. From parades, to highways, arena rails and extreme trails, True has never faltered. She is kind, gentle and forgiving. True is now 25 or more years old. Her bay dun color is graying and her face shows new white hairs every day. The affects of arthritis are taking their toll on her, she's slowed down, has a bum knee, and has been un-officially retired. In her mind, she's still capable of hitting the trails with us and running like the wind, but her body now makes her pay for it for days after. Until she crosses the Rainbow Bridge she will be babied, given the best of everything, loved, and even after, she forever owns the heart of her owner, Laurie Shaw.