I had been stalking CHC's FaceBook page for awhile, thinking we would be needing another trail horse sometime soon. If I got another horse from Julie, that would make CHC horse #4! And why wouldn't I? Every experience we had with CHC had turned out better than we could have even wished for. I looked at dozens of horses. When Julie posted the first picture of Magic (King) after the sale, something just told me he was the one I had been looking for! I contacted Julie right away, and it is a good thing I did because this handsome regal guy ended up being pretty darn popular!! My 11 year old daughter loves riding Magic because he will do anything she asks and he is 15.1 hands! She loves when adults at the horse camp say, "That's an awfully big horse for such a little girl!" Magic is the most laid back, mellow guy we could have asked for! I jokingly call him my hippie. He is full of peace and love.