Nov. 2018 I lost my 15 year old horse to a colic and twisted gut. One of the worst things a horse owner can go through. I was heart broken and so was my little donkey. After 3 months of Pokey's heart broken cries for his lost friend and my heart saying, you need another horse! I looked at a few horses and knew they were not for me. Then a friend told me about Julie Copper and Copper Horse Crusade. I checked out the web site saw several horses I liked and the night before going up to see them I picked out one more. Went there Julie told me about all the horses I thought would be good for me, none of them seemed right until we came to the last one on my list, Austin. He is a Rocky Mountain horse, gaited, 16 to 18 years old but he was 14.2 hh. My boy who died was 16 hh, I thought I needed a big horse, Julie said no Austin was a good size for me. So I got him out brushed then went to the arena, after some in hand work I saddled him. Rode in the arena for a few minutes, loved his easy going attitude. We went for a short trail and had already decided that Austin was going home with me. A week later my husband and I went to CHC to get him to his new buddy, Pokey. Pokey was so happy. He got a new name also, Little Blackie. Next month on the 5th of March I have had him for a year, time flies. I love this boy, he is a good, good boy. No bad habits, easy as pie to ride, stands for the farrier, equine dentist and vet, lets me put hoof boots, I can swing a tarp, coat or anything over his back, will lead beside a 4-wheeler, he doesn't know what to think about mountain those things are scary! If you are looking for a horse, do check out CHC and let her help you pick the right horse! I know I've got the right horse! Thank God for Julie and the work she does!!!!