We are very new to horse adventures and we adopted our first horse just a few months ago. Originally, this was my idea, but now hubby enjoys being around horses as much as I do. So, it was time to look for a second horse for going trail riding. The minute I saw Kona on the CHC website I was in love! At that time I had to look up "Percheron": she is a gentle giant. Just what I needed. The 30 days to wait till we could pick her up took forever. But Julie's videos and texts helped me to learn about Kona's progress. Our new family member trailered to her new home and loves her new friends and family. She took about a week to learn about treats such as carrots and apples! But, she is a fast learner in the arena, too. She makes our family complete. Thank you Julie for saving this beautiful lady! You made a difference in our lives.