My story in finding Khalessi aka Lola took me about 4 years. My fiancée and I currently had one horse Arabella a solid paint for about 4 years before I decided it was time for me to find a horse of my own. I didn’t grow up with horses like my fiancée had so I wanted to find the perfect horse that I had dreamed of always owning. My fiancée started searching the web and came across Copper Horse Crusade’s page on facebook. She showed me Lola who was an eleventh hour save and she was the perfect color, size, and breed. I was not sure about her training for I am not an experienced rider and I was looking for a horse which was almost bomb proof. I could not make up my mind so we kept looking. However, I found myself coming back to Lola. We decided to contact Julie and set up an appointment to go look at Lola. Once I saw and rode her, I felt she was the one for me and we brought her home. I can tell you that the first couple of weeks were not easy. Khalessi had a lot of trust issues with people. I was determined that I would earn her trust and show her what a loving, caring and structured home is like. She snorted a lot at everything and wouldn’t let you touch her head and clipping was out of question. She would stand tied, cross tied, bathed, stood for the farrier, and under saddle was okay for the most part. I was confident that we could work through any issue or concerns that she had. My fiancée and I started getting Khaleesi used to our daily barn routines, grooming, ground work, riding. It took her about a week to learn that carrots and apples are good. She is a fast learner and wants to please you. Khaleesi and Arabella have become good buddies, along with barn cat Miss Kitty. After about six months, Khaleesi will now let you touch her face and lets me clip her muzzle; her ears and bridle path are still a work in progress but as time goes on I fell she will allow that to happen as well. I have taken her to my first fun horse show she did great for our first time together. We love taking the girls trail riding and our confidence and trust are growing more each day. She is becoming a sweet horse. I do not know what happened to Khaleesi before Julie rescued her. I can only imagine it was not good. But, I can tell you that she has a loving forever home with us. Thank you Julie and the CHC team for your compassion, dedication and making a difference to these horses. We are truly grateful you rescued our girl and allowing her to become a part of our family, she has stolen our hearts.