I’ve followed CHC for many years, looking at all the rescues needing a home. I started my horse passion late in life. I’ve owned several horses, they never seemed to fit, yes I rode and even showed a bit , but never had “that” connection. I’ve learned something from each and every horse, which has gotten me to where I am today. Once I sold my last horse, I told myself I’m going to look at CHC. This is going to be it. If I don’t find the one, I’m going to hang up my bridle. Being involved with horses is a huge emotional roller coaster. I saw a horse I was interested in, on the CHC website. I contacted Julie, told her I was interested in a horse and which one. She asked me some very straight forward basic questions. I answered honestly, she then told me , he’s not for you. I was kinda surprised, but relieved at the feed back she gave me. She proceeded to tell me about a mare she just got in. (I was always a gelding kinda person), you know horror stories of mares). I told myself what do you have to lose? Nothing. I scheduled an appointment and went to see her. I took her in the arena did a bunch of ground work, asked a million and one questions. ( thank you Julie for being patient).Julie then rode her, I then rode her, Julie offered advice on what worked with her. As I was riding, there was the connection I’ve been waiting for, I knew the moment I got off of her. This is what everyone talks about, “that” feeling. She has adjusted very quickly in her new home. I couldn’t ask for a better horse partner. Thank you CHC!