We are Lou, Jennie and baby Louie Champney and we own Paradise Farm in Champion, Ohio. We got Emmy (formerly Rain at CHC) for Louie for his first birthday! He loves horses and fusses to ride. Julie did a great job with Emmy and we are finishing her and putting trail miles on her so she's ready for Louie to ride - we figure he will be riding solo with us on trails by age four or five.  We hope by age 5 that Emmy and Louie will be joining us in parades. Jennie rode her at the Brecksville Fundraiser bareback and with just a hackamore! Emmy will go anywhere and do anything we ask of her. She leads or follows and is already traffic safe. Her kind eyes tell it all. We love what Julie does to save these wonderful horses and can't thank her enough.  We couldn't be happier with how Emmy is doing and she is the perfect addition to our family.