These two things are more related than you'd think. Getting Cedric, learning to handle Cedric, getting lessons so he can ride Cedric, learning to LOVE horses and all that goes with it from those lessons, taking it a step further and asking us if he can learn to compete in cow cutting. That's right. He wants to chase cows on a horse in front of PEOPLE. He is facing the fears and insecurities that just go with learning to be a man, heck a human, for that matter, and finding out what you think is scary, can be overcome. Falling off a horse (not Cedric) was probably the biggest turning point in Nicholas's growth lately. Facing his fears. Learning that even people who have ridden their whole lives still mess up and have bad days has been amazing for him. He has gained so much confidence. This past weekend he went on a Men's retreat raft trip where he basically, took it over. Ran the boat. Called the shots. Steered the rapids. People that knew him from the last raft trip remarked how different he was. He has gained so much confidence this summer. He's learning to be a responsible and confident person. Learning to work hard and reap the rewards of that hard work. Finding out he can stick with something. The biggest hurdle of them all for him, learning that he doesn't have to be GOOD at something right away. There are people that will help you and guide you and respect you. I am so proud and so very thankful. I'm excited for the next step. Cedric was just excited to get back to the barn. Thank you to everyone for being part of what builds them all up