That’s my boy, Shawnee (fka Andreas while at CHC), in the fall of 2016, with my other boy, grandson Brayden, age 8, and me. Sweet Shawnee, a more-than-attractive 15-hand sorrel quarter horse, came into my life 2 years ago, at age 5, when my trainer, Meg, and I visited Julie at CHC. Julie had bought Shawnee after he was loaded onto a truck headed for slaughter, brought him to the haven of CHC, and nurtured him as her personal horse for more than 6 months. Meg and I were looking for a horse for me, a riding lesson addict in love with hunt seat riding and jumping, who also cherishs long, quiet and lazy trail rides through the fields and woodlands of central Ohio. So Shawnee and I continue to work together, getting smarter by the week about gymnastics, low-level jumping, lead changes, and all else. And we’ve spent endless hours riding trails, crossing streams, and cantering across fields. On top of all that, this gentle-natured guy, with the unique white spots sprinkled along his spine and back, is now teaching my grandson to ride. He walks alongside me, quietly and carefully, amazingly aware of the young and inexperienced child on his back.