Telling you about Dodge pulls my heart strings. I was new to horses when I brought him home, and honestly if it wasn't for Julie and Dodge, I may have given up. He was my first CHC horse (before Julie even was CHC) and he is the reason I have been back to see Julie so many times. Dodge was seriously bomb proof and would do anything to please his rider. Once, my husband had my 2 year old son on the saddle with him on Dodge. My mare was being a bit feisty and let out a huge kick which connected with Dodge's chest. It was so loud and in that split second I obviously, feared for the worst. Dodge, however, knowing he had a child on his back, did nothing. He stood as still as a statue and waited for me to get the mare under control. He did not make another move until he was asked to! He was so awesome!! Unfortunately, after 4 years of being a solid trail horse for us, we lost Dodge to EPM. It was one of the hardest days of my life to date. It took us a long time to get the diagnosis because, even though he was so sick, Dodge never stopped being that gentle sweet giant. He is irreplaceable. A once in a lifetime horse, who could very well have been someone's dinner. Thank God for Julie Copper!!