I started following Copper Horse Crusade's facebook page shortly after I lost my Paint mare. So many great horses were pictured every week. Bowie was pulled by CHC on 1/19/16. He was slightly off in his right front, but Julie recognized a really nice gelding and brought him to CHC. After vet and farrier care, it was discovered that Bowie has navicular. I am so glad that Julie did not let him get on that semi. I sponsored Bowie since Julie knew he would be there longer than most horses. After a month or two, I drove to Ohio to meet him. What a sweet boy he is! I rode him the day I visited, and decided he needed to be mine before I left. I returned with a trailer 2 weeks later and brought him home to Michigan. In the months that Bowie has been with me, I have a discovered a beautifully mannered guy. He stands tied, cross tied, clips, lunges (with voice commands!) and loads like a dream. I don't know what his life was like before CHC, but someone loved him and taught him all the things a good horse should know. He receives twice yearly injections and corrective trimming for his navicular and is sound and happy. Bowie is my happy place, plain and simple. He never fails to make my day better, no matter what else may be going on in my life. I will be forever grateful to Julie, her team, and CHC for recognizing a horse worth a second chance.