Let me tell you about Blaze.... He is #2/5 CHC horses for me at current tally. We lost our first CHC horse, Dodge, to EPM. I was heartbroken. When I was ready, I went to see Julie about a totally different horse. It did not end up being a great match. Julie then introduced me to Blaze. He was perfect. I was so excited. Days before I was scheduled to pick Blaze up, I received a FB message warning me that I should not get that horse. He was dangerous. Long story short is everyone that is making a difference and making a stand, also tends to make some enemies along the way. Turns out, the woman giving me this "warning" had bought Blaze from SugarCreek and then took him back!! That is the day he went home on Julie's trailer. He now is the MOST trustworthy horse I have. I have gotten so many compliments on his temprament at horse camps, and my kids, literally, climb his stall walls and jump onto his back. Amazing!!