Welcome to Copper Horse Crusade where we developed the concept of sustainably saving slaughter bound horses. An emphasis is placed on resource management - we believe in doing the most good for the greatest number of horses. With over twenty years of experience pulling horses and placing them in good homes from Florida to California, Copper Horse Crusade has found a method of “rescuing” horses that is a departure from the norm.

Horse rescues are not exempt from the principles of resource management and sustainability. Feed, hay, time, money, and space are all resources that have to be managed wisely in order to do the most good for the greatest number of horses. When the number of horses that a rescue takes in exceeds the amount of resources available bad things happen. Saving horses takes more than good intentions, it takes sound principles, responsible resource management and a lot of commitment.

Every horse who comes to CHC undergoes a 30 day evaluation – at minimum – to determine the type of work and rider that will suit them best. Professional training is available for every horse as well as medical, farrier and dental attention as needed. The arena riding and trail ride photos and videos you see of CHC horses are an important part of their evaluation and training as every aspect of good equine partnership is tested and then refined, improved or corrected as needed before a horse is placed. Our goal is to give our horses the tools they need to be safe and well-loved members of their forever homes.