This is Pardner. He is a 13 year old Quarter x Paint gelding. The first time I saw Pardner he was just number 321, another horse in the kill pen. I outbid the kill buyers for him and home he came. Pardner is one of the noblest horses I have known. He is not "proud" or assuming but he has a quiet dignity to him. Pardner is patient with kids and honest about his work. As with most of the other horses that I pull from Sugar Creek I don't know Pardner's history. It doesn't matter. He can tell me what I need to know about him. I know he's a good horse, I know he will take care of his rider and I know he shouldn't have ended up in a kill pen. Horses like Pardner are why I do what I do. It's often discouraging and frustrating to see so many horses in the kill pens. Then there comes along a 'Pardner' and I can smile a little because, "I made a difference to this one."