Meet Zippo Tardy Babe. This little sorrel AQHA mare went through Sugar Creek loose on Friday 11-25. This photo was taken Dec 5 - 10 days later. 'Babe' looked like she had been through the war - scrapes, bites, cuts, bad feet and about 100 lbs under weight. All of that can be fixed. What really shines through with this mare is her good attitude. Despite obvious neglect and the fact that she was dumped in the kill pen Babe is good natured and pleasant to ride. She either doesn't remember (or has chosen to forget) being hungry, not having her feet done and getting beat up by other horses. Of course she can't know just how desperate her situation at Sugar Creek was. So here she is, another 'throw away' Sugar Creek horse, just over a week after being pulled. I think she has a LOT to offer!!