THIS is why I do what I do. No one wanted this two year old filly. She doesn't look like much in a pen full of horses. She's toed in, she's young, I wouldn't call her broke, but her docile disposition makes her tolerant of a rider. She has previous tag marks on her back, she's bounced through a few sales. A Friday in November would have been her last sale before going to slaughter... at age two. Bays are not my favorite, young horses are usually hard to place (everyone wants that 'been there, done that' seasoned horse.) And this filly doesn't have the advantage of QH papers. BUT... we could not get away from her in the pen! She is photo bombing in half a dozen photos we took last Friday. "Excuse me, I'm right her. RIGHT. HERE. Hello? Don't you see me?" I probably wouldn't have tried her because of her young age if she hadn't been so friendly. Any young horse we are considering at the sale has to be quiet enough to let me 'back' them (accept a rider.) They don't have to ride off but they have to be quiet enough to tolerate me sitting on them. (In this filly's case she just continued to follow Zac around with me on her.) She passed all of our tests for a young horse. Quiet, sound, good minded, friendly, picks up her feet, leads and allows a rider. I hated shutting the gate in her face when we left the pen - because of course she was following us out. This two year old was run through the ring like so many horses. She looked like a plain bay horse. She had her few seconds in the ring and the kill buyers were the only bidders until we jumped in . It was her lucky day. I'm glad we were there. I try to focus on the horses like her that we ARE able to help. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. So many horses. Every Friday. But we make a difference for some.