When I posted the photos of Hope at the auction I think many of you had the same reaction that I did - her despair was palpable. Here was a horse who had completely given up hope. I tried to walk away, but this mare weighed heavy on me and it wasn't long before Zac and I were making the trip to the feedlot. I think many of us connected with Hope. We all want to believe that if we found ourselves in such a desperate situation someone would care. As it turned out, a lot of people cared and Hope came to Copper Horse Crusade. We set about helping her body and her spirit started to return. And then Hope met Winston... It was equine romance. Winston might have loved Hope more, but the feeling was certainly mutual. They came in to eat together, they were turned out together, Winston would wait on hope so that they could walk out with each other. They could be found side by side at the round bale or lazily switching flies nose-to-tail. As wonderful as all of that is, CHC is not a sanctuary. Hope's condition improved to the point that she could be lightly ridden and Jamie and her dad visited from Pennsylvania. Hope found a home. We had to explain why Winston was standing at the gate whinnying and fretting the entire time Hope was in the arena. Brandi tried to console Winston, but he was not satisfied until Hope return to the round bale with him. There was discussion about euthanizing Winston when Hope left - we doubted he would survive the heartbreak. Winston had his own sad story from the sale. Desperately thin and with a bashed eye, he was not our typical pull. Despite having his teeth done and being on the best feed and supplements money could buy, Winston remained thin. Taking the love of his life we would likely destroy him. I reached out to Jamie and asked if they would be willing to take Winston along with Hope. Yes! came her response. They were relieved. They had felt bad breaking up the two lovebirds. Yesterday was Hope (and Winston's!) going home day. I am glad CHC was able to help with a happy ending for these two horses. They remind me of Diamond and Leo. Thank you to everyone that cared. Special thanks to Brandi who took care of Winston and helped him with his recovery. And thank you Jamie for giving these horses a great home together!