If horses could talk some of them would share some interesting stories.
MS TEE SONNY has a story reminiscent of "Black Beauty". This AQHA mare
was foaled in Bellevue Iowa in 1988. She made it to Ohio at some point
and in 2004 I purchased her from the Sugar Creek livestock auction -
she was 16 at the time and man did she ride! I brought 'Gemini' to my
farm and placed her into what I thought was a good, long term/forever
home with a family in Cambridge, Ohio. I had occasional contact with
this family through their business and understood that Gemini was doing
well for their daughter in 4-H. Happily ever after didn't quite work
out for Gemini though. In December of last year Gemini's "loving"
family ditched her with a local horse trader whose primary interest in
horses is the bottom line. Said horse trader was informed that Gemini
was purchased from me and I was contacted to find out if she would make
a contesting horse (at 20 years old). Needless to say I was angry to
find out that this nice mare's family had not bothered to find her a
good home after having her for five years. I expressed an interest in
coming out to see Gemini and the horse trader and I made arrangements.
However, when I arrived Gemini had already been sold. Upon inquiring as
to whether Gemini had gone to a good home I was told she had.
Unfortunately what I was told was far from the truth. At the beginning
of Feb. I was contacted by the horse trader who told me he had once
again acquired Gemini . . . . but wait there's more! Instead of being
in decent condition (which hey, at least Gemini's "loving" family fed
her before they dumped her off at the horse trader's) Gemini had been
STARVED in the month and a half that she had been gone by the "good
home" that she was sold to by the horse trader!! When the horse trader
was questioned about the care that this owner provided I was
euphemistically told that the owner didn't "over feed". No, he didn't
feed period!! I couldn't stand to see Gemini continue to spiral down.
(When I inquired as to whether the horse trader would be sending her
through the Sugar Creek kill sale I was told, and I quote, "She's so
skinny she wouldn't bring nothing". Nice, huh??) Gemini came to my farm
almost a month ago. Since then she has had 24/7 access to quality hay,
and she has had grain morning and evening. And you know what? She's
gained weight! Amazing how feeding a horse makes them look so much
better!! So now I am looking for ONE more home for MS TEE SONNY. And
this one has to be forever - no taking her to auction, no dumping her
with a horse trader, no starving her out in the field. . . . This is a
good mare. She is sound and healthy (still underweight but we're
working on that!) I know the daughter of the "loving" family showed
Gemini in 4-H (not sure what but it wasn't contest). Gemini neck reins,
she responds to leg aides, she is not spooky or hot. Gemini leads,
loads, ties, and picks up her feet. She is easy to catch and she gets
along well with other horses. Gemini has no barn vices and she is easy
to handle and work around. I'll be happy to answer any other questions.
I want to find this mare the good home that all horses deserve but only
a few lucky ones actually find. lentz_zj@hotmail.com