“Because too many good horses end up in the kill pen™,” Copper Horse Crusade has moved strongly to prevent the slaughter of hundreds of horses with few [if any] injuries, infirmities, training or behavioral issues and place them in long term homes. Copper Horse Crusade recognizes that responsible owners willing to purchase rehabilitated or retrained slaughter bound horses are perhaps the most valuable resource of all. By providing a Copper horse with a home, new owners are, in a very real sense, facilitating the rescue of other slaughter bound horses. This is the Crusade – the advancement of a sustainable horse rescue based on the conscientious decision of responsible horse enthusiasts to act in favor of the cause. Please consider joining the Crusade for Horses!

To inquire about available horses, please call or text for best response (740) 601-2752


QH mare, 10 years old, 14.2 hh ready for her home. Watch her video at the link below.


Bay Arabian mare, 15 hh, 8 years old and has proven herself to be sane and sensible in the arena and on the trails. Not very many arabs make it to...


QH Arab cross mare, 18 years old, 15.0 hh. Broke to ride, sound, no stall vices.


Destiny is back at Copper Horse Crusade (along with Charlotte) due to a change in her owners life situation. She will be getting a refresher and...


Sweet palomino mare, 20 years old, 14.1 hh. Came in needing some groceries, conditioning and a good farrier but will be a beauty when she fills out...


Growing old is a privilege denied to many. We are so glad to be able to help the 'golden oldies' transition into homes. "Victoria" is an aged sorrel...


Really nice 17 year old registered AQHA mare, Dating Sugars Daisy. This mare first came to CHC in late 2015 and has returned due to a family...


Bay QH mare, 6 years old, 14.2 hh. Talented and has been put into transitional training with Steve Siadik. Watch her video below!