It is with deliberate intent that I do NOT include the “R” word in my name, on my page or in any other capacity. That “R” word is “Rescue.” Several people have advised me to include the word “rescue” in describing what I do. There are some very good reasons that I choose not to.

First, I have, on multiple occasions, dispelled the myth that “rescue horses” are all 20 year old broken down STBs or otherwise infirm equines that are suitable for companionship activities only. However that is very commonly what a “rescue” horse is. Why organizations choose to spend thousands of dollars rehabbing a $300 companion horse while good horses go for meat is beyond me. I do what I do because, “Too Many Good Horses End Up in the Kill Pen.”

Reason number two that I avoid the “r” word dovetails nicely here: If the only horses I had were the aforementioned 20 yr old companion animals they would be appropriately priced at $300. That is NOT the case. Babe is AQHA registered with ZIPPO PINE BARS on her papers! She is 10 years old and sound! Since “rescue” seems to invoke images of geriatric horses that are only worth $300 dollars, its another good reason I stay away from the “r” word.

Third, “horse rescues” seem to be organizations that consider themselves exempt from the basic business principles of resource management. Yes, I know there are groups out there that are well run and stay 'in the black,” but how many more poorly run operations are out there begging for donations so, “the horses won't go hungry?” Good motives + poor planning = disaster. I choose not to be associated with that.

Supposedly I'm making “big profits” selling these Sugar Creek horses. Really? If I actually figured out the per houramount that I make it would be abysmal. I was at the barn last night until 9:30 taking care of horses. I don't have volunteers that are out there Christmas morning putting out hay while I drink coffee and sit by the fire. ITS ME. I'M OUT THERE. 7 DAYS A WEEK. And NO I won't do this at a LOSS. And NO I won't watch good, sound, young, healthy horses go for meat so that I can save all of the Applejacks. (Real big profit to be had on him by the way.) It costs MONEY to keep a truck and trailer on the road. (Just had to replace both front calipers on the Dodge.) It costs MONEY to have property, fence, bale feeders, etc. It costs MONEY to buy hay, feed, dewormer, and diesel fuel. AND MY TIME HAS TO BE WORTH SOMETHING TO BE OUT THERE RIDING, TRAINING, AND CARING FOR THESE HORSES DAY IN AND DAY OUT!!!

If you want to label what I do how about this: A SELF FUNDED, sustainable, half-way house for slaughter bound horses. To Duchess, Quanah, Babe, Copper and Kickapoo I would be a rescue. But to all of the back biting, critical, judgmental people that condemn me for not operating at a LOSS, here it is again – Don't call me a “rescue!”