Super sweet black and white pony mare, 13.3 hh, 8-10 years old. Julie knew she was a little stiff at the sale. Her front feet were terrible and her back feet had drilled tech shoes that were falling off. Since she was only 8 - 10 years old Julie decided to take a chance and see if some good farrier work would fix her. It helped, but x-rays showed that Stella has arthritis in her left front pastern. She will likely do very well with some maintenance medication such as Cosequin, previcox, occasionly bute. She can be kept serviceably sound and comfortable.She is super quiet and has a great disposition. She is perfectly polite on the ground and in the cross ties. Stella will be appropriate for kids / light riding. She has no stall vices and gets along well with her pasture mates. Reduced fee on this nice little mare to get her a good home.