Standardbred mare, rides and drives.  15.2 hh, 16 years old. Super nice to harness and drive, traffic safe. No stall vices, sound. We have been so impressed with this humble standardbred mare. She is exceedingly quiet on the ground. Stands wherever you leave her, is polite going in-and-out of the stall and will stand tied to the trailer without a complaint. She was bought by a kill buyer at SugarCreek several months ago. Julie thought she was classy and quiet at the sale so bought her from the kb before she loaded on his semi -- the first registered standardbred had ever pulled. Most of the standardbreds that Julie sees in the kill pens have pounded the pavement pulling buggies for years and they are a long way from sound. Misbelief is the exception. She has an old bow that was pin fired on her left front. It doesn't bother her, but she probably wouldn't hold up to 10 and 12 mile hard trips on the blacktop. Pulling an antique carriage in a Christmas parade delivering Santa to a tree lighting was perfect work for Misbelief. Parades test the limits of horses' tolerance generally, but delivering Santa was a whole new experience! People crushed in on the road to get close. There were waving lights and screaming children. Several young children ran up to the carriage to give Santa their lists. The noise ruled out any ability to talk to Misbelief as we went through the chaos. She tossed her head a few times but never put a foot wrong. After delivering Santa and the mayor to the tree lighting, Misbelief happily paced back to the beginning of the parade route without a hitch. Carriage unhooked, she was left to stand while decorations were removed. Julie turned and snapped a photo of her calmly watching the other horses who were all tied to the trailer. She never moved until Julie took the harness off of her and threw a cooler over her back to lead her to the trailer. We love this mare's calm and willing attitude. She had a very important job Saturday night and she could not have done it any better. Let's hear it for the Standardbred!