Solstice was a stowaway when we pulled Denali. She is now a yearling and we are starting to look for a home for her... Because she was born at CHC she has been handled from day one. Solstice leads, loads, ties, cross ties, bathes, clips, stands for the farrier and works all of the obstacles in the arena. Solstice is definitely a crossbred. While we know what Denali looked like, Julie can only speculate about Dad. Likely some Standardbred. Possibly some draft in there too with the feathering and size of her feet. Denali was a big mare, and Julie would expect Solstice to have some size to her as well. She will only be available to a home that has experience raising and training young horses. If you think you could be Solstice's right person, send Julie a text (740) 601-2752.