This gelding is believed to be 'Igknight' a *27* year old TB. He was tagged to go to slaughter in Mexico. CHC intervened on his behalf, invoking the Angel Fund clause of our mission. This old guy is going to need a lot of care... IF we can get him in better condition, we think he may be able to transition into a companion type home. If not, he will know a peaceful pain free ending. He has seen the dentist, who confirmed that he doesn't have much left in the teeth department. We have been soaking hay cubes for him and he loves them! (As well as his complete senior feed.)  We are hoping that he can be a pasture companion for the summer. For sure the good food and rest has done this sweet senior some good. He is spunky when he goes outside and has some energy to exercise on the lunge line. Contributions towards his care are greatly appreciated!