Friesian cross gelding, 18 years old, 16.2 hh.Dracula looking dapper in new photos! This friesian cross gelding has a great disposition. He loves people and is a fun ride. Has all 3 gaits, no stall vices, good ground manners and is easy on the eyes to boot! See if this tall, dark and handsome horse is the right fit to swoop 🦇 into your barn!

He had a green tag on his back and was slaughter bound likely due to damaging his left eye. He is a young, sweet friendly horse. Initially, we overlooked Dracula in the pen due to his damaged left eye. But this horse kept approaching us even though he was getting banged up due to not being able to see horses on his blind side. Julie was reluctant to get on a one-eyed horse at the feet lot, but was surprised at how well this big graceful horse rode. Not only was he not spooky, he side passed and responded well to her cues. Watch for updates on this gelding as we go along.