17 year old QH gelding, Where do bucking horses go to retire? Typically, the kill pen. What saved Buckeye is that he wasn't always a bucking horse. The traditional bucking horse is a massive powerful animal that wants nothing to do with people. We knew Buckeye had a non rodeo past when we were able to ride him bareback at the feedlot. 

Since then, McKenna has continued to work with him and he takes a saddle and rides outside. EVERYONE wants a "bombproof, kid safe, beginner horse..." Buckeye has a past that probably will preclude him from ever fitting that description, but he has not shown us anything dangerous. Bonus on this gelding? He has a great disposition. He's friendly and always first up to the fence. We actually put him out with sketchy horses that are hard to catch because he sets a great example. Buckeye is sound, he has no stall vices, hes good for the farrier and not spooky. This gelding will be a great horse for someone that can ride a little bit and has some confidence.... He deserves a good home after being somebody's rodeo check.